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Aastha gill
Star night guest

Aastha Gill is an Indian playback singer from Delhi. She is best known as a playback singer in Hindi films. Her Bollywood playback singing career began with the party song Dhup Chik with entertainer Raftaar and Badshah from the movie Fugly in 2014. She followed it up with songs like Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai from the movie Khoobsurat with Badshah. She also has a single titled DJ Waley Babu. Her latest track with Badshah is called "Nain". She completed her bachelor's in journalism from Delhi's Vivekananda institute of professional studies (VIPS). FUGLY -DHUP CHIKK KHOOBSOOR -ABHI TOH SHURU HUI HAI BLACKMAIL -HAPPY HAPPY STREE -KAMARIYA NAMESTE -PROPER ENGLAND PATOLA

Prem kumar salwan

Lingaya’sVidyapeeth is celebrating 2K19 with the theme of Jazbaa. Jazbaa means the spirit of happiness and enthusiasm and to do some thing differently . Community participation in college sets the stage for a lifetime of leaning from various as Zest pects whether it is strategic management , team work , time line , negotiations, cost perspective ,involvement , participation & smooth execution & achievement of the target . Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of getting involved on campus is that it offers you the chance to develop and build skills that you wouldn't get to otherwise. Participation and working with others helps you to bring out students soft skills.   Zest participation is a great way to build student’s professional skills including leadership, teamwork, communication and prioritization. "All these skills are necessary for students applying to jobs and internships." This is a brilliant way to showcase these skills instead of just listing them on a resume. Clubs and organizations can also give you the opportunity to develop hard skills you may or may not learn in class. "On campuses where students have more autonomy, individuals in these roles could potentially manage money, create relationships with outside vendors and execute high-profile events, all valuable specialized skills," says speaker Amma Marfo, who has worked closely with students on college campus. You'll get a lot out of your involvement on campus while you're still a student, but the benefits don't stop once you graduate. The skills you develop and the experience you acquire add up to an enticing combination for hiring managers once you begin your job search. Your community participation in college can set you apart from the pack when you're vying for your dream job. I welcome the guests, faculty students, and family of staff of Lingaya’s group to join the celebration with us. Wishing all the Lingaya’s students best of Zest and cheers!!!!

Dr .Bharat Raj Bundel
Professor-mechanical Head resources Committee

ZEST is annual cultural festival of Lingaya’s group from 1998 to now. Almost all known colleges/universities in Delhi NCR are regularly participating in the various events of this festival. Basically this is a function in which students organized all ZEST events/ activities with full zeal and students learn three sixty degrees, which helps them in grooming. As a head of the Resources Committee, I am observing that all team members have a planning of their requirements and are utilizing the materials/objects which are already we have and working in minimum requirements Further, my best wishes to all of you and I am sure that our students will go a long way and achieve their goal with humanity. All the best

Dr Harsha devnani
Assistant Professor,Department of Chemistry

We at Lingaya’s believe in Arts-integrated teaching taps into children’s natural desire for active learning through the senses. By singing, dancing, imagining, and connecting their bodies and minds, students learn more deeply and meaningfully. We always look forward to inculcating in them a sense of “JAZBAA” i.e. passion for any pursuit they take up in life ahead. With this horizon we encourage them and several other students to participate in the Lingaya’s cultural fest which provides a platform to perform their emotions in the form of music, dance, theatre and literature.This platform is not only a celebration of the student’s talent but it is more about the journey that they take in preparing this course where in they connect with themselves on a deeper level and enhance their personality while pursuing their passions by crossing several hurdles. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to be a part of JAZBAA-2K19 and complement our collective efforts with a sense of accomplishment. “I NEVER LOSE, I EITHER WIN OR LEARN.”

Chetna Sharma
Assistant Professor,Department of chemistry,School of basic Applied science

“Use what talent you possess; The woods would be very silent If no bird sang except those that sang best.” “Jazbaa” It’s a theme of 13 th cultural fest which now going to be celebrate by Lingayas Vidyapeeth with the full support of all staff, faculty members, heads, subheads n youth. Its a way to express our skills n gathering to the people .A spirit is a force that influences the will of people. It is called a spirit because it relates not to matter but to mind ,soul,and feelings .They can inhabitate places ,memories ,books, or people.

Aayush Tyagi
Fine arts Member

Lingayas Vidyapeeth, which has delivered much more than it had promised at the threshold, celebrates its Annual Zest every year which is theme based and the theme for following zest is 'Jazbaa'. Every year Zest is done in  a very enthusiastic and energetic manner. The students of the Institution are very talented and its indeed a great pleasure to be with such a talented crowd. I sense and see the atmosphere of cooperation among all the students and other working bodies during zest. This following zest is going to be very best and unique in its own way. My best wishes to organizers.

Dinesh Bharadwaj
Fine arts Member

ZEST which means great enthusiasm and energy. The Institution Lingayas Vidyapeeth celebrates zest every year. As the name suggests this zest is done very enthusiastically and energetically.Lingayas Vidyapeeth celebrates zest like festival coming every year in the month of November. I feel so proud that I study in an Institution where so many distinguished personalities are developed. Every year zest is celebrated in the Institution and every time we get to see something different. Its indeed a genuine and great pleasure to attend zest and the most amazing thing is to be a part of zest. My best wishes for zest 2K19.


The Press Committee of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is selected on the basis of an interview conducted by the faculty incharges. The Press Committee is divided into Press Internal and Press External. Press internal deals with addressing the current topics as well as the buzz generated during Zest and acknowledging it by delivering newsletters. This year’s newsletter of the committee has been named as ‘ZEST JAZBAA’. The process of producing a newsletter involves interviewing the faculty members, articles from the Press Committee members as well as the other committee members of the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. Newsletters are issued and circulated throughout the month of Zest. On the other hand, Press externals is associated with inviting media and press authorities from various news channels and newspapers. The invitees make Zest known to other people through newspapers, news and magazines. All the heads, sub-heads, coordinators and members associated with Press Committee put their best efforts to make ZEST a grand event. This year, Press Committee has managed to bring 6 editions before the event itself to make the event more memorable and exciting for everybody. Controls


The role of Controls Committee is to supervise the work of all committees . We help each and every committee in their work as their helping hand . We are very devoted to our work ,coordination and proper type of supervision is co-ordinated by us . We keep updates of each and every committee . We are the people who have the responsibility to represent the whole student body. We organise, prepare and plan out the whole festival each year which includes the budget, resources and all the requirements which are essential for the efficient working of each and every committee. For the success of the event occurring at such a large scale, there needs to be a proper coordination, the lack of which may lead to utter chaos. The Controls Committee plays the role of coordinating with all the other committees. It ensures that the entire event of Zest is well synchronized and in order. It is the responsibility of the Controls Committee to keep a tab on the working and status of different committees and make sure they do their work efficiently and effectively. They ensure that though all the committees are working on different grounds, they all work towards the same goal that is to make Zest - 2k19 a grand event. Controls Committee is simply an interface between management and the other committees.Last but not the least, it is said that this committee is backbone of zest 2k19


“All the worlds a stage and all the men and women, merely players. They have their exits and entrances and each one in their time plays many parts". This famous quote by William Shakespeare, from the play as you like it, compares life the comings, goings and actions of people to being much like that of a play. However some take their roles too seriously outing only that watch them. Others follow their own path ignoring the scripts and taking off the mask they mesmerize the audiences with their "Performances" on the stage of the world. Stage is one of the most important committee for all the committees. And it is base of the ZEST JAZBAA. “Ever since its inception The stage committee has acted as a helping hand to get the best possible out-comes that one could expect in all the events organized and hosted by our college and ZEST-JAZBAA is the best example “ Department


We here works as a committee of 100 together as a team to provide you the best atmosphere. We are always one and one of the best committee of past events of LINGAYAS ZEST. We always believe true work consisting of giving the best of ourselves to work


This year fine arts is coming with new and brilliant ideas for the ZEST-2K19. As, “JAZBAA” is theme for this year, this Zest will be full of cultural and religious presentations everywhere in the Lingaya’s. We are supporting the ideas of using waste materials for creativity.


Resources committee is the main authorising committee which ensures proficient working of all other committees that could be efficient only when the requisites are sufficiently available. Additionally ,comes the onus of setting and ensuring prudent management of annual budgets ,monitoring revenue and voluntary income and/or benefit streams, ensuring prudent financial planning , and overseeing the commitment advices council on the sustainability of assets and resources to long-term contracts and the investment of monies . The committee advices council on the sustainability of assets and resources to ensure the organisation continues to deliver programmes and activities. Any significant resource implications of policies proposed within & related to employment and staff development ; and maintain an overview of the organisation ‘s charitable and commercial activities and partnerships, reporting to council as appropriate .


The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance and theatre to pantomime, sung verse and beyond. They include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and that are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains. Music is perhaps the most universal of the performing arts and is found in every society, most often as an integral part of other performing art forms and other domains of intangible cultural heritage including rituals, festive events or oral traditions. It can be found in the most diverse contexts: sacred or profane, classical or popular, closely connected to work or entertainment. There may also be a political or economic dimension to music: it can recount a community’s history, sing the praises of a powerful person and play a key role in economic transactions. The occasions on which music is performed are just as varied: marriages, funerals, rituals and initiations, festivities, all kinds of entertainment as well as many other social functions. Dance, though very complex, may be described simply as ordered bodily movements, usually performed to music. Apart from its physical aspect, the rhythmic movements, steps and gestures of dance often express a sentiment or mood or illustrate a specific event or daily act, such as religious dances and those representing hunting, warfare activity.


“A good judgment comes from experience, expertise and keeping unbiased open mind”. For each event that is organized in ZEST 2K19 “JAZBAA” the Judgement Committee takes the responsibility to ensure the presence of Judges to evaluate each team and each contestant in a fair and unbiased way. We take the effort so as to guarantee that all the participants, irrespective of their event of participation or their institute being host or guests, are ascertained without second thoughts that the announced results are just and have upheld the honor and spirit in which each of the event is conducted in ZEST 2K19. Before inviting them over we ensure that each judge is proficient in the field of the event being conducted and have a record of being honorable and impartial to the spirit of competition and fair judgment. On behalf of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth we wish all the participants the best and hope for the greatest satisfaction among all the participants which in turn will make ZEST 2K19 a grand success.


Attendance committee is introduced to keep the track of student’s attendance and to ascertain whether there is any co-relation between their attendance and performance in college activities (academics as well as cultural). In college’s cultural festival, the committee maintain and display proper attendance records of participants. The committee plays a vital role in encouraging students to participate in cultural events in maximum number. For ZEST 2K19, for commencement of proper attendance sheet, there are several rules and regulations, which a student have to follow on daily basis to ensure his /her attendance, i.e.:- All participants should mark biometric attendance before 9:15 am everyday in machine. Participants should attend the initial three classes every day. Every committee’s head must submit their committee’s attendance-to-attendance committee on daily basis, so that it could get matched with the biometric marked by the participants. Proper following of the above-mentioned rules will allow the participant to get attendance on daily basis. To encourage participation from students in college activities attendance is provided to every participant with the distribution of attendance based on the criteria which college authorities will set


The word “Alumni” is referred for a group of people who have graduated from a school or university. Our Alumni’s are the face of the university in the corporate world. They bring reputation and goodwill to our college, they are our assets. Thus, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth Alumni Committee is leaving no stone unturned to bring back those birds. The committee is contacting all the alumni’s to invite them on the inauguration as well as start night so that they can enjoy and cherish their college life once again and also remain connected with university always. Zest is the best time for this. It is like a festival time for all of us and this is the time when they can come to the university and cherishes all the memories of their college life. For connecting our people we have created the Google registration form and Alumni email so that the Alumni’s can remain connected to the university, to one another through their own private network. Right from college updates to latest events, the email ID is one stop shop for all the zest related college activities. The Alumni Committee functions as a one stop helpdesk for all the queries and requests of the Alumni. We address all their queries with utmost priority, in a timely and satisfactory manner, through both online and offline media. Lastly on behalf of everyone, I would like to extend the appreciation for the amazing ongoing work and efforts which the team is doing. Together we are heading with an objective and we will achieve it.


Being in college is a best part of time in life as everyone and apart from the curriculum there are various activities which should be re-membered in whole life, colleges fests are one of them. Basically College fests are meant to bring the college students of different back ground to come together with a motive to present, prove and conduct something with common goal. This gives a scope to present your personal views on number of issues, resolve the issues during the discussions, convince and lead the team to right direction, help others as a good team player and so on and so forth. Lot many hidden talents, like convincing power, logical thinking, team building, personal relationships are developed through these fests. Everyone involved in this type of activity get an opportunity to prove his or her personality and develop the same to better level. The Grand Festival of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth ‘ZEST’ is organized every year with great zeal and passion to bring talent out of the students. Celebrities, Performers and Participants of various organizations and institutes take part in the festival that makes it really inclusive, diver-gent and rejoicing. We solicit your cooperation and zealous participation to take it to even greater heights. We take this opportunity to invite gracious presence of well known institutions on this momentous event. We register colleges for the various enthralling events of zest such as Ms.& Mr. ZEST, Fashion show, War of bands- Minerva, Stage play, Group dance, Literary events and a world of other exciting activities. Registration and Invitation committee will leave no stone unturned to make this event a mega success as in the past.


Theatre is an inseparable unit of all sorts of cultural events and college fests, and ZEST is no different. The Department of Theatre (DOT) handles this facet of cultural events of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. This committee is filled with talented individuals who want to express their emotions and convey social messages simultaneously. Using various modes of expression like voice, facial expressions, backdrop audios etc. these messages are conveyed.Nukkad natak being the biggest attraction, Expressing social and political issues and common grievances among the public being the main motive.


It gives me a tremendous joy to compliment on the ZEST 2K19- JAZBAA which is fabulous platform to showcase the talent, creativity, planning and management.


For all the events that are organized in Zest 2K19 ‘JAZBAA’ Compering committee ensures the presence of anchors for the smooth running of program. For every event organized in Zest 2K19 ‘JAZBAA’ Compering committee makes sure to provide anchors for management and smooth running of events with some entertainment for the audience. We make effort to make manage and host the events with all our heart keeping the honour and spirit of zest in our mind “Being on stage is magic. There’s nothing like it. You feel the energy of everybody ,who’s out there. When the lights hit you, it’s all over”


We aim to make the event a thunderous success with the combined participation of every one. We welcome everyone to participate in the events we have organized. Nothing gives us more happiness than the joy and radiance of channeling the energy of young minds in the proper direction.


he tradition of celebrating Cultural fests is widespread in colleges across the stretch of the country. Cultural fest plays a predominant role in the student’s life and in the recent years, have managed to etch a significant place for themselves in the academic calendar. There is a consensus that a college festival is not just about fun but that it also augments a student’s learning experience. In the Informals committee we interact with students in a fun way, it is quite a liberating feeling to be able to handle tons of money and believe that you have wisely used it. It brings the students out of their cocoon of being “students”. Without getting into the whole debate on the changing dynamics of youth, we cannot disagree with the fact that the current larger than life stature of college fests does help in building responsible adults


Encourage an ongoing dialogue about transportation concern and preferences among the membership. Working on peaking solution to make sure that the Visitor and college employees can reliably Park. Within walking distance of attraction especially in portions with a history of parking shortages the transport committee manages the arrival and departure of students from other collages.


ZEST is the event where we need to maintain the decorum of the festive season along with a lot of enjoyment. Basically our main concern is regarding the security of our college mates, especially girls, as well as the students of other colleges attending the zest. The committee of Discipline, comprising students and faculty member, responsible for the administration of the stated rules and regulations governing the conduct, for assessing reported violations and when necessary, for assigning and recommending appropriate penalties. In Discipline committee, you will get to know about team work, your decision making skills, focus, persistence and much more. I hope that this event will be a huge success and the people attending will enjoy it at full.


We, The Photography committee are basically the eyes for any events taking place in the college campus. The art of capturing the perfect moment at the perfect time is what makes us different and unique. Unlike all committees, it’s all about creativity, presence of mind, and the reflex action with the camera. Our main objective is to capture the best and perfect action so as to refresh, remember and cherish all throughout. Photos are what connects our present with the past and upcoming future. We create everlasting memories which won’t fade away with each passing years and changing members..!! Cheers to all and enjoy the event..!!


Grievance is a feeling of discontentment or dissatisfaction or distress or suffering or grief among the workers .The dissatisfaction when expressed becomes a complaint and when the employee believes that some injustice is being done ,it becomes a grievance. The human behavior differs from person to person. Every human beings has certain expectations which he/she thinks must be fulfilled by the organization. Grievance is any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice in connection with ones situation that is brought to the attention. Every year we are planning to celebrate the zest in different ways. Even we are continuing in the same path with much more entertainment by encouraging the students to join in committee such as music, dance, fashion show ,Grievance of which students can participate according to their interest


Computer Graphics combines skills in technology, business and art using computer generated images and words to create unique concepts and messages for publishing and advertising. Computer Graphics Committee use technology to manipulate and combine words, image, colour, typography and sound in order to elicit emotions and deliver messages to viewers. Computer Graphics Committee use their creativity and technical skills to create graphics designs that visually represent a design concept and develop the overall layout and made design for website, video, images , text style etc. The end goal of the Computer Graphics is to make the organization that hire them recognizable and prominent. Computer Graphic often collaborate on projects with artists , multimedia animators and other creative professionals. “Design is in everything we make , but it’s also between those things ; it’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy”.


We are the Certificate and Prize committee usually called as the C&P Guys. We are responsible for handling the Certificates and Prizes for the Zest. We make sure that you get your certificates on time and prizes as soon as you win one. Our members worked hard throughout the month preparing your certificates. So now this time during Zest when you win a prize or receive your certificates then as per our Radiance do remember to thank us and now you know where to knock if you want your certificates.


Press Release Annual Cultural Zest 2K19 “JAZBAA” inauguration at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth on 8th November2019 The inauguration of the most awaited cultural festival Zest 2K19 “Jazbaa” been scheduled at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth campus with great enthusiasm and passion among the students. The ZEST JAZBAA has been inaugurated by film actor Mr. Rahul Roy. The inauguration programme was attended by the Hon’ble Chancellor ,Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Dr. Picheshwar Gadde, Secretary, LLDIMS ,Ms. Sunita Gadde, Chief guest, Mr. Rahul Roy, Pro Chancellor, Prof.(Dr) R. K Chauhan, Prof. K .K Garg ,Director, LLDIMS, Dr. Sangeeta Sinha, Principal LPS, Deans, Head of Department, faculty and staff members. The inauguration was followed by lamp lighting ceremony and saraswati vandana performed by the students. Teasers of the Zest 2019, the making of the Zest 2k19, was watched in the inauguration presenting the student’s tireless efforts to make the annual cultural festival Zest a great success. There were 21 committees who worked with great zeal to leave no stone unturned for the celebration to be great applaud and enthral. Welcome address was presented by the Prof. R K Chauhan. He welcomed the chief guest with his warm and compassionate voice and connected him to students of Vidyapeeth. Charismatic actor, Mr. Rahul Roy encouraged the students to take a lot of friendship account with them from their college. He further added to uplift the students, stating that failing is inevitable in life ,the spirit with courageously overcoming the failures is the best attitude. He shared that student’s college years are the best grooming years . Jazbaa is a fantastic event and must be imbued in the DNA of the people of India and he wished all the students to carry on with josh and energy .he was incredibly humble to all his fans and students of Vidyapeeth. The invigorating dance and musical performances of student of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth were exhibited in the inauguration and brought forward their passionate vigour to celebrate the ZEST from their hearts and soul. Vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Shweta Bajaj, Convenor Zest 2019 to extend gratitude on behalf of the management of Lingaya’s group to the chief guest, the dignatories ,the committee members,press and media for their extensive support in making Jazbaa Zest 2K19.


Mechanical students of lingayas vidyapeeth created model of ISRO satellite depicting the three modular rocket image




There’s one time in the year, when for college students all roads don’t lead to the classrooms. Yes, we are talking about the annual college fest.  During this time, the college transforms itself and moves away from its mundane routine, while also opening the doors to students from across the country. Students get the chance to interact with others, learn from them and have a whole lot of fun. And all of this was also seen at Lingayas Vidyapeeth annual fest Zest 2K19, which was conducted on Every college fest is a getaway for the students from their classes and assignments. Instead, they learn more about organizational skills and leadership. But not to forget, all of it is done with a lot of fun. The theme of Zest 2K19 JAZBAA meant to be the passion and fury which is in intra and intro of a person that makes students and faculty staff members get engaged onto various projects to provide tilldate to management in order to commce the event where they learn the skills to collaborate and grasp technical rather the physical knowledge. This time the grand event of the Arena’s going to sound well and jazz! as i hope every participant of this event Zest 2K19 cherishes through out their life


Agar jazba hai kuch karne ka , To ye junoon hi hai humara ki jagoo toh khayal bhi humare , Aur so jau toh kwab bhi humare, Arman naye hai,raste vhi purane hai Kuch karne ka jazba hai , Tabhi to raste lagte   Suhane hai.