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last update : Nov. 6, 2019, 2:55 p.m.
Dr. Picheshwar Gadde
CEO & Chancellor

Annual Cultural Festival " Zest " aims to bring students from different institutions to work as a team & learn from each other. Zest , one of the most awaited events of the year is organised by the students of Lingaya's Vidyapeeth under the supervision of faculty members.  This event provides platform to the students to showcase their talent , creativity in the field of various extra curricular activities like Dance , Drama , Music , Literary , Fine Arts etc . It provides students an opportunity to develop their self confidence , sense of competitiveness , leadership qualities , team spirit which in turn help them in their personality and overall professional growth thus preparing them for the future t face the challenges of the professional world ahead with confidence.   " Jazbaa " the theme of Zest 2K19 signifies passion the positive light which instills hope in the heart of human beings. Jazbaa is also defined as something which involves enthusiasm and excitement.  Wishing the event and the hard work of students , faculty and staff  a great success

"" How important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught us that if  you are interested in something no matter what it is , go at full speed ahead , embrace it with both arms , hug it , love it and above all become passionate about it ""
Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan
Prof. & Head, Mechanical Engineering Department

God has given a wonderful thing to every living being creature SPIRIT “JAZBAA”. This is a proof that he is optimistic about life. An optimistic person always is a symbol of progress, which can act as a guide for the society, the country and even for the whole world. Keeping this in mind "JAZBAA" is the theme of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, “2019, ANNUAL CULTURAL FESTIVAL-ZEST”. In which all students will work altogether in all walks of life so that they learn and groom themselves and be a global player with human touch, work for the humanity and welfare of the society. I appeal all the students from inside and outside of the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth that they will participate as maximum as they can in all the activities/events like dance, theatre, fashion show, etc. and prove themselves best in the world.

Dr. Shwetta Bajaj
HOD(Law), Zest Convenor

Time to swim in delight and unleash your hidden creativity and talent with rocking enthusiasm has finally arrived!! This year LingayasVidyapeeth celebrates its most awaited event of the year, "The Zest" with the title "JAZBAA". So lock in the dates 8th and 9th of November 2019 to showcase the fire in you, your talent and your creativity.  Jazbaa is rightly named to applaud the vigor, zeal and enthusiasm in the students. It depicts the passion in youth to bring to the fore their potentials. The underlying message is that anything done with positivity and passion would surely lead to success.  I would say , "JAZBAA SHAKSIYAT MEIN HONA CHAHIYA, MANZIL KHUD B KHUD MIL JATI HEI". Your thoughts stimulate your actions but it's the ‘JAZBAA’, the fiery emotion and instinct in you that accelerates your speed to success. Remember, positive thoughts when harnessed with persistent ardent passion, helps you to cross all obstacles and projects you to glorious victory. The purpose of imparting knowledge is incomplete without a lesson to implement the same. The event also gives a platform to the students to have hands-on their organizational skills which are of utmost importance in any profession. LingayasVidyapeeth leaves no stone unturned in enabling it’s students to become a successful professional. The students learn to plan, organize, manage and work in teams to conduct a variety of programmes like music, dance, theatre, drama, Fashion Show, photography Literary and other events meticulously thereby endeavoring to make the Zest a great success. Students from different Colleges, Institutes and Universities exhibit their talents and participate enthusiastically in a variety of programmes at the Zest in LingayasVidyapeeth. This is indeed a magnificent step qua the holistic growth of youth, positively harnessing their energies, involving them in creative pursuits, celebrating their zeal, promoting togetherness and thereby preparing them for a bright future.  The special attraction of DJ Night is surely going to eliminate all the tiredness and rejuvenate your moods, energizing you to sparkle with exhilaration. Inauguration by charismatic actor Rahul Roy and star night by Aastha Gill shall indeed add to the glory of Jazbaa.  I am thrilled to see the Jazbaa of our students at LingayasVidyapeeth in tirelessly working for the grand success of the event “Jazbaa". .Be prepared to rock the show “Jazbaa”. Best wishes

Mr. Kiran Kumar
(Head of Department) Computer Science & Engg.

It gives me immense pleasure to compliment“ZEST-2K19” team for putting up their best efforts to make the event a memorable one. It is an annual festival where celebrities, performers, students and participants of various institutes take part with great zeal and enthusiasm that makes it inclusively dynamic and divergent. This year’s theme “JAZBAA” has been aptly chosen since it depicts keen interest, future rich, and sparkling intense lights or brightness coming all around from an inert entity. This way the students shine, glow when their inert form is nurtured, retrieved and cherished and their talent is presented in various arts forms and culture. The program provides an opportunity, an opportunity to share ideas, interest and also the requirements recommended best to live and enjoy the life.

Dr. Sitesh Kumar Singh
HOD Civil Engineering Department.

The youth of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth presents JAZBAA, the annual fests which acts as a catalyst to spark things up in one’s monotonous Vidyapeeth’s schedule, but because of the additional perks. Yes! These exciting fests do a lot more to a student’s life than we know. College fests usually provide an excellent platform to showcase all kinds of different talents ranging from arts, educational and sports to informal ones or hogging the most food in the least time. Despite what people may say, winning an event however spectacular or ridiculous gives everyone something to boost about to the world. A shiny piece of metal awarded can skyrocket one’s self-esteem. Having the sweet realization of being accepted with your amazingly weird talents makes people feel important. After the excellent showcase of performances, the contestants are given a well deserving break to explore the campus, people around or the happening city itself. The main point remains constant, the more I have travelled, the more I have learnt about the people, the types of food, and their preferred way to communicate. College fests, especially if it’s your own, serve as a well-deserved break that though drains the students out of the physical energy, mentally gives them an energy boost that replenished their minds with fruitful memories of the fests that can be now cherished and can be survived on, until the season of college festivals comes around again. Apart from the fact that you get to attend the various events according to your field of interest, including concerts, Drama, Debates, Paper presentations and whatnot, the best part if you get to attend them with your friends. What’s better than to have the bunch of your closest friends to add crazy to an already eventful day? Take as many as you want along and break a leg! (Yes, we can see the onset of so many selfies, too.) Jazbaa is not just a cultural festival of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, it’s a platform for exploring your passion with developing life skills. It helps students to showcase their talent, to built-up leadership skills & to improve confidence. In simple word, Radiance is overall development cultural festival for the youths. I wish all the best for young talents.

Dr. Kavita Nagpal
HOD (School of Architecture)

Lingaya’sVidyapeeth is celebrating its annual cultural fest or the Carnival on 8th& 9th Nov.2019. The theme for this year“Zest” celebrations is very aptly selected as “JAZBAA” that means – Passion , Desire , Sentiments etc. All these synonyms very well suit the Institute as on today after a very successful existence of 20 shinning years. In the competitive world today, education is not only concerned with academics but requires a total personality development of students to get recognition in society and achieving success in life. There was an old saying in Hindi"Jazbaa aur Junoon ho jitney ka to har manzil aasan ho jatti hai.” At Lingaya’s , students are developed into an overall package i.e., All rounder’s, with complete and brilliant personality - that can strongly face the competitive social fabric of the country. “Zest” the annual carnival or cultural show is a part of multiple activities undertaken by students of the university in this direction.Such programmes organized and managed by students in the guidance of very experienced and able faculty fill them with pride, confidence and in turn illuminate their image as well as the institution. Some of them emerge as success full leaders,and some with their talent expressed in public become shinning stars reflecting true radiance in the society at large. I , wish the Participants , Faculty, Management and all concerned in organizing such a great event of “ZEST 2K 19”all success. Let the “Jazbaa” of Lingaya’s spread and make this event indeed a memorable one.

Dr. Savita Yadav
HOD School of Commerce and Management

Jazbaa 2019, is going to be celebrated as Annual and Cultural Fest organized by LingayasVidyapeethon 8th and 9th November 2019 curved out to be a grand triumph. This fest is organized by the students under the guidance of all faculty members. As students life should be balanced with right amount of study curriculum and extra curriculum activities. As the term “Jazbaa” means-Passion, Josh or Junoon. Students have a vast platform to showcase their talents and it also help them in building their confidence or improve their skills. Various colleges came up with their best Dance troops to make the event a huge successful. It was a day filled with fun, frolic, laughter and sportive competition. This fest made every student and faculty come under the umbrella of enthusiasm which rejuvenated the young minds with positive vibes and high spirits. Finally, Jazbaa gave a grand ending, generating higher spirits and cherish able memories keeping everybody alive until the next Jazbaa. I wish all the Participants, Faculty members or other department staff for organizing this attractive fest of 2019.Let the Jazbaa spread and bring event a memorable one “Every Planning is hard but it is also extremely rewarding”. So most successful organization believe in the power of events.

"Youth Fests are cradles of the students’ artistic, cultural and overall development.""
Dr. Mouna Gupta
HOD(School of Education)

True education ensures all round development of the children so that they grow up to become assets for the nation. Shaping young impressionable minds into valuable assets for the nation is a tremendous responsibility and we at LINGAYAS VIDYAPEETH welcome this challenge. A true oasis of quality education, LINGAYAS VIDYAPEEETH strives to expose every student to a holistic education experience in an active and dynamic learning environment which provides the opportunity to realize one’s potential and achieve excellence. Today’s children are much more aware of their surroundings and environment. Education at LINGAYAS VIDYAPEETH is thus focused to tickle the fecund imaginationof the students to innovate ideas and implement those to address the changing environment.It is imperative that students are given a free access to grow and mature. LINGAYAS VIDYAPEETH believes that all our children are vibrant with vigour and talent and thus we lay special emphasis on development of personality, character, positive attitude and team work and instilling confidence. “JAZBAA”, the annual cultural festival of LINGAYAS VIDYAPEETH is all set to take things to greater level this year by providing extensive and substantial platform. “JAZBAA” is a reflection of our efforts to blend the advancement with skills and values for life. In a bid to promote hidden talent of the students and celebrate the zeal of the youth, ‘ZEST” a two day event is organized. ZEST is about touching new skies, breaking new boundaries. ZEST is about keeping alive the spark of thinking, imagination and curiosity. I congratulate the Editorial Board for coming up with the new issue of our newsletter and I wish them luck and success for many more to come.

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, We rob our children of tomorrow”"
Ms. Upasana Chaudhary
Faculty Incharge -Press Assistant Professor

Every year annual cultural festival "Zest" is being celebrated in Lingaya's group to mark the beginning of celebration of the student's academic, professional, aesthetic, personality and overall development. This is the event which imbibes spirit of teamwork and zeal in students. Zest imparts fresh hope in our students to enlighten their lives with experiences and exposure. They come along to work in sync with other students in various activities like street play, fashion show, Music and Dance performances, informal games etc. This year the theme of Zest "Jazbaa" signifies the student's cheerful enthral unlocked to bring out passion in performances in the upcoming Zest on 8th and 9th November. Lingaya'sVidyapeeth students will ensure the joy overflowing in all the participants and guests through their wondrous events. The joy reaching out to the special guests and students of other colleges will create mesmerising memories of the celebration of Jazbaa in Zest 2K19 to flow into eternity in everyone's life. With blessings of our honourable Chancellor Sir and management, Let's embark and get ready for the performances and zeal of one of its kind, unveiling the thrill like never before and Wishing our students the best of Zest "Jazbaa". May you rise in Cheer!!!

Ms. Soma Dutta
Convenor- Zest Assistant Manager

J- JOYFUL A - AESTHETIC Z- ZEAL B- BOLD A- ADROIT A- APPEARANCE Z- ZEALFUL E- EVENT S-SPREADING T-TALENT Annual Cultural Festival Zest is being organised by the students of Vidyapeeth every year .This year the theme “Jazbaa” embarks the celebration of students in various events which helps them bring out their maximum potential and unleashes every opportunity to help them explore their talent. Nevertheless, it polishes their lives with virtues of team spirit, cooperation, healthy competition and self confidence. I wish all students a great success and happiness!!!!

R. K. Deb
(School Of Mechanical Enginering) Faculty In charge -Music & Dance Committee  - Registration & Invitation Committee  - Mechanical Structural Design Committee

As the winter is knocking the door, Lingaya is also ready with it's warm Zest with new design JAZBAA. Though the festival season is almost over but Lingaya's festival is incomplete without it's much awaited Cultural celebration "ZEST" Zest- a wonderful way of learning the managerial activity, developing skills amongst it's students staff and faculty members  together with searching and recognizing talent for students of it's own group and other organizations by providing a suitable platform, is a unique  culture and habit of LINGAYA'S VIDYAPEETH. I sincerely thank the management for providing such a wonderful opportunity  and also thank my  dear students for their hard work and effort for preparation of this musical extravaganza and at the same time I request all the other students who are still hesitating to join.......come and be a part of it......be sure you will come to know your hidden skills and definitely you will rediscover yourself . It's time to recall the famous quote of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore

""Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time....................................  like dew on the tip of a leaf" Wishing all the very best for JAZBAA....the Zest 2019""
A. Harish Kumar
HEAD of Press

Lingaya's Vidyapeeth is celebrating Zest on the theme "Jazbaa",which means spirit, desire or rage. The tradition of celebrating Cultural fests is widespread in colleges across the stretch of the country. Cultural fest plays a predominant role in a student’s life and in the recent years, have managed to etch a significant place for themselves in the academic calendar. There is a growing consensus that a college festival is not just about fun but that it also augments a student’s learning experience. Organizing and participating in fest activities is not a child’s play; it needs arduous efforts and stern dedication. Fests facilitate students to work for a fixed goal in unison and this eventually develops a sense of responsibility in them. It elevates confidence and also teaches them how to No matter how old you are, where you’re from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common—a desire to be successful. Each person’s definition of success is different, however, as some may define success as being a loving and faithful spouse or a caring and responsible parent, while most people would equate success with wealth, fame, and power. Imagine where the planet would be if humans had no courage. Who would have explored the planet? Would Europe have ever discovered a trade route to Asia, or would they have never met? Would the seas have been explored, or would we have stayed so close to shore as to never discover any other oceans, islands or continents? Courage is part of what makes humanity great. The courage to put one’s own life at risk to save or assist another. The courage to confront that which is wrong with society, despite the risk to one’s reputation or career. The courage to simply say ‘No’ when you are expected to comply. The courage to step onto the stage, when the cheers could easily turn to jeers, or worse.

K. Varshitha
HEAD of Press

Lingaya's Vidyapeeth is now celebrating 13th zest with the theme of Jazbaa.Zest is a platform which provides opportunities to students to follow their passion with enthusiasm. Arabic jazba is an urdu word which means passion/rage/desire/feeling while on hindi it is also known as "Josh". Whether an individual is considering starting a small business or simply what career path to choose, it is important that the individual follows their passion. While characteristics such as strong values, talent, ambition, intellect, discipline, persistence, and luck contribute to business and career success, passion can often make the biggest difference of all. Before defining passion and explaining it's significance, we must first explore the true meaning of success. Success is usually assumed to be associated with large sums of wealth or a high level of fame, but true success is not all about money. Success is, or should be, defined as an achievement of something desired. What most people desire most, even more than money, is to be proud of their achievements and actions. This is particularly true when it comes to work. If an individual has passion, there is a greater likelihood that money and pride will follow because the time and effort invested in the venture comes with enthusiasm and zeal. One of the most successful companies in the world today is Apple. Apple's most notable leader was ex-CEO, the late Steve Jobs. Carmine Gallo wrote an article called, "The Seven Success Principles of Steve Jobs," which outlines seven key factors that are responsible for Jobs' success. The article is based on multiple interviews with Apple employees and Steve Jobs himself. The first principle listed in the article is, "Do what you love." Steve Jobs believed in the power of passion and once said, "People with passion can change the world for the better." Jobs claimed that the passion he had for his work made all the difference.


Lingayas Vidyapeeth celebrates its annual fest which is well known as ZEST in the month of November every year. This is one of the most rejuvenating part for the students and for other working bodies of the institution. Every year a theme of zest is pre-decided and for this year the theme is "Jazbaa". In a deeper sense the word Jazbaa is itself describing about the zest that this zest will be having a lot of enthusiasm and energy. So many meanings can be taken out of this word Jazbaa as in it refers to the state of mind when it is powerfully acted upon and influence by


Everything is possible in this world. Even the word impossible, says “I m possible”. So, what does it take to convert any improbable task into probable One? That is something, which can be developed within each one of us. That is nothing but “PASSION”. So what is passion, its inner force, courage, strength, spirit that helps us to face difficulties and successfully overcome it. Passion keeps us energized to work towards our goal. It dares us to go beyond our limits to achieve it. Talking about our very own ZEST (which itself means “Great enthusiasm and full of energy”) is going to be fun filled and Theme “Jazba” is like icing on the cake. I am really very excited to be the part of it. Going to be fun filled.